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Launching your webradio station is quick and simple.

Our solution offers clients a simple way to get started with webradio. Via our web based broadcast system it is easy to schedule your broadcast and programming with AutoDJ or go live.  Your web radio can be broadcast in specific locations, such as business, institutions and public spaces, or transmitted freely over the internet and accessible on to all devices in HTTP or HTTPS protocols.

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Web Radio Hosting

All you need to create a winning Webradio project

Players, Portals& App development

Support and integration of your streaming audio projects

Audio Design & production

Jingles, playlist design, development of custom audio projects

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Hosting Webradio
Instore Radio
Audio Design

Launching your online radio station for retail is quick and simple.

In-store radio is a great way to reflect your brand, enhance customer experience and, ultimately, promote sales.  In store radio can adapt to a range of different business environments such as shops, restaurants, fitness centers.  There are a wide range of benefits that are appropriate to different business organizations.  Setting up an store radio is quick, easy and affordable.

Business benefits from in store radio:
•    Unique In-Store Radio
Your instore radio can be customised with your brand, corporate chain messages and customised music playlists, it can adapt to new sales promotions and change according to the time of day.
•    In-Store Promo-Campaigns
Instore radio gives an ideal opportunity to communicate and promote specific goods to customers while they are in your store, at the point of sale and impact on their shopping actions.  Campaigns can both influence customers’ decision on which product to use (up-sell) and the amount of total items they buy (cross-sell).
•    Customised Ads
Your instore radio is completely yours and plays only your ads. You have full control over what you promote!  You can easily change and customise your message at short notice.
•    Create Brand Awareness
Broadcast a common company jingle or tag-line across your radio network, wherever your customers may be. Or Individulize, regionalise your message with different playlists.

Webradio makes spreading your message globally easy!

Whether you are a faith group in your local community or preacher wanting to spread your message we have the experience to help people in the religious community get their web radio off the ground.  Religious radio is becoming more and more popular worldwide, and our easy to use solution helps you be part of it. Broadcast live from your church, center or home using your existing PC or laptop, or upload your recorded message to play-out automatically as and when you decide. We provide you with a free customisable radio player that can simply be embedded in your website.

•  Web radio solutions enable you extend your reach into a larger community and congregation.
•    Use your existing PC’s and our control panel to easily configure your radio
•    Choose to broadcast live, pre-recorded or both in a matter of minutes.
•    Go live or record your sermons and discussions
•    Broadcasts can be accessed by all devices iTunes, Windows Media Player and even iPhone.
•    Internet radio empowers you to reach out to the world and teach a wider audience.

Engage and inspire learning with our easy to use internet radio solutions.

Perhaps you would like to launch campus radio run by students, or a radio station which promotes an school or university activities.  Internet radio can offer you a highly cost effective and simple method to give your students a rich media experience that integrates with your institutions website and brand. We provide you with a free customisable radio player that can simply be embedded in your website.

•    Use your existing PC’s and our control panel to easily configure your radio
•    Configure a 24/7 broadcast from archived content
•    Gives your students timely information about courses and activities
•    Allow students and teachers to broadcast live and create programs for your radio

Our Simulcalst webradio service will re-broadcast your FM or satellite radio on the web live in realtime.

Define your brand with audio & music that represents your audience and their lifestyle!

Shoutcast Control Panel

Our shoutcast control panel offers a sophisticated automation system for the management of web and in store radio. It is also the ideal solution for both live transmissions and integrates seamlessly with server side Auto DJ functions.

The control panel supplied with our shoutcast hosting includes:

  • Management Control Panel
  • Online Statistics
  • Live streaming and radio simulcast
  • HTTP and HTTPS protocol
  • Additional port 80 proxy
  • Remote playlist e Auto DJ
  • Server start e stop
  • Streaming status
  • Current song/Next song
  • Widgets Player link
  • Plus much much more!

Shoutcast streaming

Shoutcast  and Icecast are the industry’s most popular streaming audio formats for Webradio. The advantage over many other systems is that they have multi browser and platform compatibiity and also can be listened with shareware such as Winamp, Nicecast / itunes and others on any OS.

The ease of use, and the popularity of this platforms means that Apple, Windows, and Linux users can enjoy your webcasts, while you can enjoy a simple and efficient management of your web radio with our control panel.

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