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iFactory is a streaming video provider supplying businesses and institutions with a full range of video recording, live streaming, and video and audio management solutions.

Whether you need to share your videos over your intranet or internet our solutions and services offer high security, high speed delivery of video and audio to computers, phones, tablets and TVs.

We welcome you to find out how our software can transform the way your organization shares knowledge.

Our sectors

Business & Corporate
Institutional & No Profit

In Short

On Demand solutions

  • Video Archives
  • WebTV Portals
  • Online Learning Portals
  • White Label
  • All formats and devices
  • Social media ready
  • You Tube integration
  • Custom Development

Live Streaming Solutions

  • Live Streaming
  • Interactive Webcasting
  • Microsite Development
  • Event Management
  • Equipment Rental
  • Encoding and Production Crews

Streaming CDN

  • Dynamic Media Replication
  • Active Request Routing
  • High Speed and Safe Delivery
  • White label
  • Distribution in 4 Continents

Our Services

As digital video specialist we bring to our clients a specialist range of technical skills and services.

Free Customer Support

We provide online technical support via ticket and at no extra cost for all our clients!

Webcasting Event Management

We will create a custom quote and develop a production plan to realize creative vision and communication needs you have for your online event.

Encoding Services

We offer both inhouse conversion services and online encoding systems which prepare your media for all devices and delivery at all bitrates.


We can help you set up microsites quickly and easily.  Build on your brand identity and give your audience a true interactive experience.

Programming & App Development

We identify your needs, pick the best technologies, and use the leading processes to build custom streaming video and audio solutions.

CDN Engineering & Server Configuration

Design, deployment and troubleshooting of Video CDNs. Implementation and optimisation of video encoding/content delivery solutions.

Our Solutions

Look Inside! We offer a range of innovative solutions for audio and video, live and on demand.  Our knowledge and expertise means that if you don’t find the solution you are looking for “off the shelf”, our developers, programmers and system engineers can configure it for you.

streaming video, online video, webtv
Online Video Solutions

WebTV, Online Learning Portals, Video sharing & video archive management systems.  We can provide you with the solution you are looking for.


streaming audio, webradio, instore radio
Online Audio Solutions

Web radio solutions for radio, educational and religious orgnisations. Brandable instore radio.  Innovative music sharing systems.


servizi Live streaming
Live Streaming Solutions

White label live streaming.  Live streaming WebTV portals.  Interactive webinar systems.  Secure Intranet Webcasting.  Encoding Units and Camera Crews.



Over the years ours services and solutions have been implemented and tailoured to the needs of many innovative leading companies

To name just a few…

la cucina italiana
Roche Diagnostics
Hewlett Packard
Red Bull

Control you own brand through the power of online video.

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